Viva Glam

Shopping with good conscience? Yes please!

MAC Cosmetics has a product line called Viva Glam. From every sale of these products every cent goes towards helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.
You can always find a basic collection in the stores, but also limited editions fronted by celebrities. Several celebrities, like Lady Gaga, Fergie and Cindy Lauper have fronted the products. I even think they've helped produce them.

Even though the products doesn't cost much, a purchase makes a really big difference. For example, if you buy a lipstick, that covers a whole year of medicinefor a child in China!

My favourite Viva Glam combo is this:

- Beet Lip pencil for a base.

- Then apply Viva Glam lipstick III:

For the finally, finish with this gorgeous gloss Viva Glam VI:

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