I'm off to London

Then it's time to say goodbye to Bergen for now. Today I'm boarding my one way flight to London. It's both exciting and frightening at the same time. I've spent the last week with my family and friends and had wonderful times. I'm really going to miss you all and I hope every one of you will come visit me! My dearest friends threw me a surprise going-away-party friday night. Thay are just the sweetest ones in the world. We had a blast! I'll post some photos later when I've recieved them from my sister. ( hint hint Jenny )

I'll update you when I'm all settled in my new home for the next year. See you all in a while, probably around christmas time :)

Now I'm ready for the next chapter of my life; Kingston here I come!

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11.09.2012 kl.18:25

Hper du har det bra Ingrid:)

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