Bye bye Bergen, Hello London!

Yes, the time is finally here, I'm moving to London for a year of studies abroad. I am going to take a masters degree in Marketing Communications and Advertising at Kingston University. Kingston is a small town about half an hour outside the city centre of London. I've never been there, but I hear it's a nice little town and I'm really looking forward to seeing it. The year in London will probably be exciting with many new experiences and an interessting masters education. I can't wait to go! I'm moving in the beginning of September and until then I'm working, working, working, saving money so that I can have an amazing time in the UK. Well, I try to squeeze in some family, friends and fun-time as well.

Anyways, that's the occasion of why I'm back in the bloggsphere. I'm planning on blogging while living in London. That way, I can keep my friends and family updated on what I do, but the blog will mostly stay the same as when I blogged earlier :)

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28.08.2012 kl.16:16

Gleder meg til flge med p livet ditt i London :D


28.08.2012 kl.17:18

Det blir et spennende r! Gy at du blogger igjen :)


28.08.2012 kl.18:30

Liker at bloggen er tilbake! :D Jeg blir nok en fast leser <3

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