Update from Kingston

So, I figured it was time for an update! Now I'm all settled in here in Kingston Upon Thames. ( Well almost, I have a few things left to buy for my room. )

I arrived last sunday with my mom to lovely summerly Kingston.The sun is up and the ballerinas are on.It's actually still summer here, although it gets quite cold at night. My mom were here until wednesday the 12th of September and we had the best time. A girls trip! We walked around Kingston, shopped around London and got alot of beautiful stuff for my hall room. I live at halls of residence at Kingston Hill campus. It is beautiful here, so idyllic! I see squirrels every day, have seen foxes three times and in a park nearby there are deers walking around. Last but not least, it's still green here. Many of the buildings on campus are new and my room is ok. It is not big, but I have my own bathroom and I really do not need any more space. Even all of my clothes fit into the closet! That has never happened before, but I'll give it a couple of months before my crazy shopping fills it up. I'm not done decorating my room, but I'm getting there. The curtains are not very nice, but they keep the light out in the morning so I think I'll keep them. The room is actually better looking than I was expecting and my bathroom is pink!

So moving on, it was of course very sad when my mom left, but by then my norwegian friends had arrived and we went out for some food and drinks. The first week I mainly got to know norwegians and we had a blast. Shopping and fixing things during day and partying at night. The town is great! Smaller than London, but still so many great stores. It has cozy small streets, markets, beautiful buildings, great restaurants, a charming riverside and a very good atmosphere. We're still exploring the pubs and clubs at night, but we have found some good places to party.

Yesterday I started my classes. This week it's mostly introductions, but some teaching as well. It is going to be one heck of a year with lots and lots of work, but I'll get through it, hopefully! My plan is work my ass of during the week and probably sundays so that I can have fun and experience London in the weekends. I really like my class. The people in it are from all over the world so i get to speak english every day and get friends from all over the world. I have not met a lot of british people though, so we'll have to see how the british accent turns out. I'll probably end up american since I have three american girls in my class and my awesome roomie Henriette ( from Bergen ) has lived in the US, so she speaks american. Well, well, as long as my vocabulary gets better I'm happy:)

I share a flat with five other people. Two of them are from Bergen, how crazy random is that? They're Henriette and Stig and it is fabulous living with them. I always have someone to talk to, hang out with, do my makeup with, cook with, nighttime cooking with etc. Very happy about the living arrangements. We also have our sweetest friend Veronika ( with a K ) nearby on campus and many other friends so all is very good :)

I love living here. I find my self wandering about town all alone, smiling because I like it so much here. I am really looking forward to showing you the town. I still have a lot more to see though and many more people to meet so the next weeks will be exciting!

I miss every one of you back home and I'm really looking forward to get some visits.

Here's a bunch of pictures:

On Campus:

(Borrowed from Henriette)

The road up to campus:

This is the building I live in:

Friend time:

(Borrowed from Henriette)

Veronika, Alexandra, Zahra and Henriette:

The photographer:

(Borrowed from Henriette)

Sweeties <3

My room:

Flat mates: Me, Stig and Henriette:

Out and about with norwegian girls:

Here's Henriette and I with my darling friends ( also from Norway ) Charlotte and Tonje:



That's it for now. I'll try to be back soon with updates. I hope everything is great at home.

Miss you and Love you! XOXO

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19.09.2012 kl.20:40

H ingrid dette ser helt fantastisk ut!! S bra at du koser deg :D Gleder meg skikkelig til komme p besk! <3 kos deg s lenge vennen!!

camilla i london

21.09.2012 kl.20:21

Rommet ditt ble kjempe fint da! :D


23.09.2012 kl.17:30

gleder meg s til beske deg :D Ser superkoselig ut!! miss yoou <3

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