Hopeless No.1 and No.2

Last friday we were at Freshers fayre signing up for Scandinavian society and Cheerleading. There were a lot of people and a lot of stand. And free popcorn. Pretty fun. Anywho, we found a place that sold Kingston sweatshirts and of course had to get one each. That turned out to be a bit of a problem. Which logo and type of sweatshirt should we pick? And when we found one we liked; which COLOUR? Luckily Henriette brought her camera, cause there were no mirror. She picked a red jumper quite quick, but Veronika and I spent ages deciding which colour to pick. Blue, red, green, grey?? By the time we had chosen the lady behind the counter told us she was very tired and could not help us any more!

Henriette made a collage of our "mirror photos": jumpers on and of, on and of!

In the end, all three of us ended up with red ones!

Later on, we grabbed dinner by the river at an english pub, and V and I started laughing. Really about nothing, but seriously we could not stop. Of course, Henriette with her camera caught this moment and she also made this into a collage ( which I'm borrowing from her as well as the one over ). As she so nicely stated on her facebook; if LOL was a photo:

Haha, just a random little post for you guys, hope everything is well:)

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25.09.2012 kl.19:05

Ser ut som du har det veldig kjekt Ingrid :) gy lese bloggen din!

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