Out and About

Back again with some new photos for you:) Since I last blogged I have been to classes, been out, hanging out with my friends and been on a day trip to London city.

Here is a picture taken by a photographer working in a club:

We had a class party that started at school with food and drinks, here with Heather and Vanessa:

Rikke and Celine:

Afterwards we went out clubbing:

The day after it was time for freshers ball and we got all dressed up:

Zahra, Veronika and I:

Henriette's photo.

Whenever a girl dresses up and there are cameras in the area, a photoshoot is mandatory:

Henriette's photo.

Best roomies ever <3

Henriette's photo.

And suddenly the photoshoot went on the floor for some planed "in-the-moments-capturing":

Henriette's photo.

At the ball they sold cotton candy, heavenly good:

and we managed to squeez in a lot of people in a small photoboot:

Bestest of girls:

The ball happened in several tents. In one of them there was a "silent disco". Everyone got head phones with two channels so we could choose which music to listen to. Looks kinda funny,but were amazingly fun:

Stig and Sondre.

The next day we went to London for some afternoon shopping:

Best friends <3

Henriette's photo.

Hazel also came along, she's British so she taught us some british words.

Henriette's photo.

Coffee break:

So London life is still treating me very well! Miss you all <3

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