Go Kingston Cougars!

Hi people!

Yesterday Henriette, Alexandra and I went to cheerleading practice. It was always the plan to start cheerleading so we had to try it out. Henriette and I was actually on the same team in Bergen on a high level, but I only did cheerleading for a year because I had to prioritise team gym. There were very many people at practice yesterday and the level was not that high. Only three of us ( new guys ) had done cheerleading before. H and I got to go back today to the actual team's practice session. That way we could see what a regual practice was like and the level of the training. We trained for four hours and my body literally hurts. I won't be able to walk tomorrow, let alone carry anything! I got placed at a position in stunting where I've never been before so the lifting was very different from what I'm used to. I did ok after a while though. The dance was fun and exhausting. It was good stretching again, I've gotten way to stiff! The gymnastics though, was at a beginners level so I was very disapointed in that, and we only did it for like 15 min. The result is that nor me or H will be a cheerleader this year after all. It was not totally right for us and we have to prioritise school work. The team was really cute so I plan to go to a gymnastics center where they go in their leisure time to practice some tumbling. At least I'll try it out. I really miss team gym and gymnastics so it would be awesome doing some gymnastics again! The only negtive thing is that it is a bit far from here. All in all, we had a great workout, met some kind people and got to do some cheerleading for two days.

Alexandra and I.

Me and Henriette.

Kingston Cougars, well some of them.

Ready for a party with the cheerleading girls on wednesday. Good times.

Good night lovelies:)

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