Friday night lights

Hello sweeties!

Time for an update? I actually don't have that much to tell you. I still love it here and I'm having alot of fun with my friends. The weather is mostly nice, with the exception of some very rainful days. It is getting a bit colder, but I still don't need my winter jackets. School is kicking in and I have much hard work ahead of me the next few weeks. Actually the next few months, but I'm taking one assignment at a time. Tomorrow I'm handing in my first paper to be graded, so that's exciting. It's only a short summary though, the first real assigment is due in two weeks.

You know what? My muscels still aches after cheerleading last thursday! Apparently it has been too long since I did that kind of exercising. ( even though I jumped on our trapoline this summer ) I cannot reach out my right arm! I probably strained it. Anywho, friday we went to a postgraduate party, which was really bad. Not many people attended that party. There was a jumpingcastle and it was in the middle of nowhere. We went to a club afterwards and had some fun there. The club is called Oceana and is the biggest club in Kingston. I think the clientel usually is a bit younger than us, so we'll see if I ever go back. It is a place you at least have to see once because it is quite nice inside. Katrine turned 25 at midnight so we celebrated her with shoutouts from the DJ.

Tina, Katrine, Benedicte, Moi, Henriette and Veronika at Oceana. My beautiful friends!

Earlier at the party with my two good American friends from class. Heather and Vanessa; The sweetest!

I'll try to update soon, even with all my homework and stuff. I will also try to take some photos with my camera so that you don't need to see all the bad quality pictures from my Iphone.

Have a nice day ( or night, for those of you that are still up ). Now I'm aiming for some longed-for beauty sleep.

Miss you!

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