Richmond Park Adventure

Yesterday I went for walk in Richmond park. It's a beautiful park with so much animal life! I saw many many deers. They're so qute, but also looks dangerous with their antlers. I had just imagined Bambi and when I first saw two deers I took a picture from a distance. I was thinking of getting up close to get a good picture. First I zoomed in on the photo I took and was shocked when I saw the big antlers. I actually did not know deers had antlers. Bambi was just so little and sweet;) Instead of going closer I ran away! Haha, talk about blondie in the woods! I was actually very afraid at one point. When I was heading back, two big deers with huge antlers blocked my pathway and there were no way around. I tried finding an other way to go, but it was impossible. In the end the deers moved, but still, I had to pass them quite close. I even had eye contact with one of them. Scary, but I got this great picture:

Can you see the deer?

Baby deers:

As I've said before, I'm so amazed by green forests and trees. So beautiful!

I found this amazing field with benches and a view of deers. I sat there for a while in the warm sun just relaxing.

A very beautiful park worth seeing:)

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18.10.2012 kl.00:11

Nydelig park, m beske den igjen snart!


18.10.2012 kl.08:32

Haha du er st!


03.11.2012 kl.08:25

hres s koselig ut!! :) miss you lots <3

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