London Feast

Yesterday I went to the Norwegian Church, St Olav's Church, in London for a student dinner. Fr-i-kl was on the menu and it was amazingly good! I went with sta and Celine from class. We actually won a quiz and the prize was a bag of Twist chocolate, it was yummi. We discovered that they sell some Norwegian groceries there and I bought Solo ( soft drink ), Risengrynsgrt ( mush ) and Stabburet leverpostei ( pat ). I'm very pleased with that:) Norwegian food <3

Me and Celine


Me and Olav!

Other than that; a few days ago I discovered that I am way behind on all my favourite TV-shows, which apparently have startet again. I have so many episodes to watch that I'm in series heaven :)) I'm usually one step ahead of all the TV-shows, but I've been so busy that I didn't even know half of them were showing again this autunm. So this friday night I'm spending in bed with my market research book, mac and later on a series marathon <3 aand pizza, pepsi and chocolate;) Fantastic!

Tomorrow it is time for a Halloween party, celebrating Veronika and dress-ups. I'll show you the outfit on Sunday or something. I love the outfit! Celine in class came up with the idea and I loved it so much that I decided to do it as well:) And last but not least, Marit is comming for a visit on sunday and will be staying until wednesday. I am so looking forward to it. #girltime#london#shopping#food#drinks#clubs#talks#<3

I hope all is well with you guys. Good night sweeties:)

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