So, Marit and I have found the perfect new form of planking; Tiaraing, or as we say in Norwegian; Kroning. We had so much fun! As you know, she was here for a visit last week and our last day in London we spent tiaraing around the city. We had a blast and had some really good laughs! Some of the places we almoust died of embarrassment, but we got real tough by the end of the day. Here are some picture evidence:

<< Princesses about town >>

A Princess also needs to powder her nose:

A Princess needs her rest:

Princesses can dance as well:

Night time food for Princes and Princesses:

A Princess cannot stay anywhere, preferably at a castle, but a hotel will do:

A Princess needs a good breakfast:

The perfect underground for a Princess:

A Princess knows her jewels:

Circus Princesses:

Fairytale Princesses:

Princesses can also fly ( with Harry......Potter )

A Princess with her Prince Harry:

A Princess at the royal wedding:

A Princess shopping for a man at New Bond Street:

The perfect staircase for a girly Princess, at Victoria's Secret:

"P" for Princess:

A Princess needs her dresses, shopping at Selfridges:

A royal dinner:

A Princess likes her Mulberry handbags:

Can't a Princess also make a call?:

A Princess always has her bodyguards:

A Princess do need quality diamonds, preferably from Chuck Bass:

Princess at Tiffany's:

A princess needs a (prince) model:

Princess transport vol. 1:

Princess transport vol. 2; by train:

Princess transport vol.3; by plain:

ROYAL transport:

As you can see, we had a great time:) Much more fun to do "sightseeing" with a tiara on our heads;) The tiara will definitely come along on several future occasions! The reason why I bought the tiara was a halloween party at Whisky Mist where Marit and I went on tuseday night. Haha, the best purchase ever!

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