Halloween by London Style

I know I'm like two weeks behind, but better late than never. Two saturdays ago we went to a halloween party at a friend's house. We celebrated lovely Veronika's birthday. Of course we dressed up, we went all out with face paint and everything! I love dressing up, especially here in London were people really go through with costumes and theme parties. Halloween is a really big deal over here. Stores, restaurants and clubs were all decorated and the people working there were dressed as scary monsters etc. So cool!Everything is such a big deal over here, compared to Norway.I can't wait for christmas. The streets and stores are already full of christmas decorations and stuff, and by December there will probably be even more stuff. The christmas spirit is going to be high this year!

Here's my halloween costume: Black Swan:

I bought it from www.joke.co.uk Love the shop!

Henriette went as Avatar; Neytiri, doesn't she look amaazing??!

Veronika were the cutest little birthday girl dressed as an "M" along with Alexandra as "&M". So sweet you could almost eat them;)


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12.11.2012 kl.00:56

S utrolig fine kostymer dere hadde :)

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