Saturday night out

Saturday night we went to a very good Italian restuarant in Kingston called Strada ( I think! ). Good food and good service. Later, we went out in Clapham at a club called Aquum. It was my first time out in Clapham, so that's the only club I've tried there, but I liked it. Cool place! At one point Veronika, Christine and I headed to the bar. Suddenly Veronika was standing behind the bar laughing with a man who apparently is the director of the place. He gave us shots, draged us up to the VIP section, gave us a bottle of champagne and his business card, with promisess of guestlisting in the future. Very cool man! So we had a fabulous time! Here are some pictures:

Girl's lounge:

The champagne came rolling to our table (bought buy a nice guy), with "fireworks" on the top. That is often how the drinks get delivered to tables here in London.

Me and Christine:

He wanted to join our picture:

Here we are, up in the VIP room:

Another great party night in London <3

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21.11.2012 kl.08:51

Du er den peneste <3 xx

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