Beauty and the Beast

It's by time I recommended a new tv-show for you guys! Don't worry, I'm still a series geek and you will get more tips from me;)

This might be old news for some and novelty to others. The show I am talking about is called Beauty and the Beast and is of course based on the Disney movie. The tv-show makers(haha in lack of knowing the right term producer/director?) really loved Disney in 2011/2012.I have not seen it yet, but judging by the trailer it's good! It looks like a good fairytale/crime/drama/love story. Kristin Kreuk plays the leading role and we all like her right? At least I do! I remember her from Smallville, ah, that was a fantastic tv-show. I do not know who the guy playing "the beast" is, but he looks good girls!

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