desember 2012

Quote of the day

Feist and IKO

These are my favourite songs at the moment. They are both from the soundtrack of the last Twilight movie. So incredible beautiful.

Bowling Birthday

Stig and Henriette's birthdays were earlier this week so we had a celebration for them on Wednesday. We had dinner at Pizza Express with many of our closest friends and then went bowling with a bun...

Inspirational Flash mobs

My PR teacher showed something inspirational in class a few weeks ago. In relation to one of T-Mobile's PR-campaign, they surprised a lot of people at Liverpool Station and Heathrow Airport with se...

Beauty and the Beast

It's by time I recommended a new tv-show for you guys! Don't worry, I'm still a series geek and you will get more tips from me;) This might be old news for some and novelty to others. The show I a...

Today's Quote

October Trees

I stumbled upon this song on facebook a few weeks back. I love the song. Enjoy <3

Wool for Winter

I love the Wool trend this winter. Nothing is better than to put on a warm, comfy wool jumper when it's cold outside. Images found here. Here are some cute sweaters from Asos: Be...

Quote of the day